Helping Disabled People

Christian Saviors is a 501c3 non-profit organization which is to enhance independence through access to mobility equipment, like wheelchairs. Helping children, adults and seniors with disabilities. We are always looking to create new partnerships to ensure that individuals struggling to find mobility equipment have a local resource to meet their needs. In addition we need advocates to host mobility drives or fundraisers at their workplace.

Our goal is to deliver wheelchairs, hearings aides and medical assistance to people in desperate need around the world. Through this process, we’re bringing together people in need with people who have a heart to help. Sometimes, it’s hard to tell who benefits more.

Throughout the U.S., we receive donations of new and used wheelchairs, parts, raw materials, financial support, and more. Hundreds of volunteers worldwide make our international efforts possible by donating their time, talents, and resources to help our cause. For example, our volunteers:

1. Collect, clean, repair and box donated wheelchairs and other equipment.

2. Assist in record keeping, and loading and unloading trucks for pick-up and delivery.

3. Make pick-ups and deliveries across the country.

4. Help manufacture wheelchairs.

Christian Saviors is committed to helping the whole person—not just vocationally, in community living and in mental health, but also spiritually. The Religious Services department helps to meet the spiritual needs of the people that we serve and provides support to co-workers who may have spiritual questions. Additionally, the Religious Services department serves as a resource to area churches to help them increase their capacity to welcome and include people with disabilities in the life of the church.

Faith is encouraged among the people served by Christian Saviors through one on one conversations and providing an opportunity for daily devotions in each of the homes. Spiritual support and prayer is offered when someone is going through difficult situations—illness, death in the family or a difficult transition. Throughout the year spiritual retreats are offered in a variety of locations where we have a presence. If someone wants to join a church in the community where they live, assistance is provided to them and the church so that participation in a church family is possible.

We Ask Kindly To Donate To Change Disabled People's Life

All donations goes 100% to disabled people in need. You can make a positive difference today! A piece of adaptive equipment often means the difference between a life of limitations and a life of independence for a disabled person.

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